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Smart care tips

A tattoo is an investment of time and money. The right aftercare will ensure your tattoo stays bright and beautiful for years to come. Our artists know how to care for the particular colours and techniques used on your unique design. Before you leave with you brand new tattoo, they can give you very specific instructions on caring for your beautiful new piece.

Use the tips below to protect your tattoo from infection and fading.
  • Leave your bandage on for one to three hours after your tattoo is finished to let your skin heal
  • Wash your new tattoo several times a day with antibacterial soap for two to three weeks to prevent infection
  • Apply a healing ointment or lotion to keep your new tattoo hydrated
  • Avoid tight clothing that will rub your scabbing for the first two weeks
  • Avoid prolonged exposure to the sun or water during the healing process
  • Do not pick, peel or scratch any scabbing
  • Always use sunscreen when going outside to avoid fading
  • Always keep your tattoo moisturised

Our tattoo artists are all fully trained and licensed

Safe practices

We hold ourselves to the highest standard of safe practices and techniques. We aim to provide a friendly, comfortable atmosphere and exceptional customer care. Your tattoo artist will always use sterilised tools and wrappings to prevent the unnecessary pain associated with infection.
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