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Effective laser tattoo removal in Newcastle

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Let us erase your mistakes

Do you have an unwanted or poorly done tattoo? Maybe it is a home-job mistake or an ex-partners name. 2012 Tattoo Company can get rid of it for you in no time. Come in for a free consultation with our laser tattoo removal experts. Our technicians, Emma and Nikki, are available by appointment 7 days a week.
Pricing for laser removal differs per customer based on the age of the tattoo, colouring, skin type and how many sessions you will need. We do require a deposit of $55 before your first session.

We require 8 weeks in between each session so your skin can heal. During that time, your tattoo will continue to lighten. You will see better results after each session. If you are receiving treatment for cover-up purposes, feel free to drop by the studio at any time and see if you are ready to be blasted over.

Contact the studio today to arrange an appointment and we can start getting rid of that pesky tattoo.
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