Piercings and merchandising

Body piercings and tattoo merchandise in Newcastle

Professional body piercings

Body piercing is a fun way to express your unique personality. At 2012 Tattoo Company, we can perform a large range of piercings in multiple places on your body. We also have a great selection of stud jewellery to suit any taste. 

Come visit us for the following piercing types:
  • Ears – multiple placement options
  • Oral
  • Facial
  • Chest and other dermal surfaces
  • Navel
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Highly trained professional tattoo artists

Tattoo flash

2012 Tattoo Company carries one-of-a-kind flash images from our talented tattoo artists. Because each is unique, they make great collectables. Visit our 2 Newcastle area studios or watch our social media accounts for availability.
flash tattoos by shannon

Jewellery and merchandise

Whether you are looking to treat yourself or if you are searching for a unique gift for the tattoo lover in your life, check out our specialty merchandise. We stock a large selection of Gamber leather chokers. Pick-up a 2012 Tattoo Company t-shirt to support your favourite tattoo artists. 
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