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2012 Tattoo Company is a family owned and run studio located in Newcastle, NSW. The owners, Pat and Emma, created the business in 2008. It has since grown into a large and successful studio that continues to expand each year. Currently, 2012 has 13 artists working alongside each other. Each has varying specialities and styles, but all are always open to trying something new.

2012 is a custom tattoo studio. Each artist is ready to transform any idea you may have into a work of art. Whilst walk-ins are welcome, we always encourage clients to have a consult. When you sit down with an artist to discuss a tattoo in length, you can ensure that you and your artist are truly on the same page.

At times, our artists have unique flash available, so keep an eye out on social networks for those special posts!
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Family owned and operated since 2008

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Laser tattoo removal services

Here at 2012, we offer both tattooing and laser removal. Laser removal is by appointment only, but any of our friendly staff will be more than happy to help answer your questions or to arrange a consultation with our amazing technicians, Emma and Nikki.
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