Cosmetic tattooing

Safe cosmetic tattooing in Newcastle

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Get a beauty boost

Are you looking to simplify your morning routine? Cosmetic tattooing, or permanent make-up, is a natural looking and effective way to enhance your appearance. Our experienced technicians can enhance the colour of eyebrows or lips, apply permanent eyeliner and more. No more runs and smears, your permanent makeup keeps looking good through work-outs and tear-jerkers. 

Safe and effective techniques

Because your health is important to us, our tattoo studio is clean and comfortable. We perform our work using the latest techniques for optimal results. We hold ourselves to the highest standards of safety and hygiene to ensure a beautiful, problem-free result.
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Experienced artists to suit any taste

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Permanent make-up solutions

Dealing with disability or disease is difficult and stressful. Unfortunately, many conditions cause problems that go beyond negative health effects; many people are discouraged and self-conscious because of the physical changes their condition causes. If you are struggling with your appearance, we want to help. Permanent make-up can give you back your confidence by covering discolouration, scarring and more. Our cosmetic tattooing experts will help you overcome difficult times and take control of your life again.

Free consultation

Before you commit to permanent make-up, our expert tattoo artists will sit down with you and discuss your wishes and concerns. We will help you choose the shape and colours to suit your skin tones, hair colour and style preferences. We will also give you all of the information you need to care for and protect your cosmetic tattoos for a long-lasting result.
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